International Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association
International Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association

The Mission Statement of IDACCA

"To Make a Positive Change in the World using Cryptocurrency"

The goal of IDACCA is to help pave the way towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrency around the globe. One of our core beliefs is that in order for this to happen, the cryptocurrency community must unite together and work towards a common vision.

In order to be effective and maintain our integrity, IDACCA cannot endorse any individual cryptocurrency projects. Our banner is meant to be symbol of unification for the cryptocurrency community which must remain a neutral meeting place. It is our vision to grow our memberbase until governments will have no choice but to recognize that digital assets and cryptocurrency have the power to change the World.

IDACCA is a registered non-profit organization in the United States

Our Strategy


Educate the public and lawmakers on the many issues that the technology of digital assets and cryptocurrency can solve.


Unify the cryptocurrency community and build a global membership that can be mobilized to advocate for legislation that will benefit the community. The larger our group becomes, the louder our collective voice will be.

Public Service

Work with Government entities around the world to help them develop legislation that will help further the use the technology of digital assets and cryptocurrency.


Our Mission Statement is 'To Make a Positive Change in the World with Cryptocurrency.' One of the best ways to do this is to go out and help people in need. Our first philanthropic project is building an orphanage in Ombaka, Kenya.

Advisory Board

We are recruiting an Advisory Board of subject matter experts that we can send to speak to Government and Business entities in order to help pave the way for the mass adoption of digital assets and cryptocurrency.

David Morefield
Executive Director

David Morefield has a diverse skill set that he brings to IDACCA. David has worked for or alongside the government in many different capacities. David also has been involved in mission projects in Africa for the past 10 years. David is a steadfast believer in the future of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. 

Matt Russell
Board Chair/Treasurer

Matt Russell has been involved in cryptocurrency for quite sometime. Matt is a miner and has participated in some amazing projects. We are very excited about the experience level that Matt brings to the team. Matt is a partner in

Larry Harmon
Board Member

Larry Harmon is an avid cryptocurrency advocate. One of the many businesses that Larry owns is Larry has a passion for educating people about the virtues of cryptocurrency and helping people. Larry is also involved in cryptocurrency mining and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as a member of the board. 

Joel Kovschoff
Board Member

Joel Kovschoff is an outspoken advocate of cryptocurrency who hosts a daily Facebook Live show. Joel recently left teaching in a school to teach about cryptocurrency full-time. In addition, Joel is a partner in MYICOPOOL which is a buying co-operative for Initial Coin Offerings. In addition to his education experience, Joel is a master negotiator who will be using those skills to benefit the members of IDACCA. 

Serban Junc
Board Member/Director of Technology

Serban "Serby" Junc is an amazing programmer who is currently working on the Athena Trading Bot, which is scheduled to be released in August 2018. Upon completion of that project, Serby will be rebuilding our website. Serby brings expertise in programming and is a major asset to IDACCA.

Nick Baba
Board Member

Nick Baba has been an entrepreneur for much of his life. Nick's business experience has helped him identify opportunities and capitalize on them with repeated success. Nick has a talent at negotiating deals and will be involved in helping get other businesses involved into cryptocurrency. 

Beena George Phd.
Academic Committee Chair

Beena George serves as the Dean of the Cameron School of Business at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. Beena’s research interests include the adoption and use of technology in organizations and innovative business models that support the changing needs of the global marketplace.

Beena has been teaching at the University of St. Thomas since 2003. She received her doctorate in Management Information Systems from the business school at the University of Houston.

Philippe Groner
Social Media Editor

Philippe “Phil” Groner has a background in network administration and specializes in access control. Phil spends much of his free time research cryptocurrency projects and participating in online communities centered around cryptocurrency. “I am fascinated by the world changing aspect of cryptocurrency and how it will disrupt many different facets of our lives. Worldwide financial inclusion is attainable and crypto will help make it real."